Dad’s New Milkshake: Peanut Butter-Cinnamon-Graham

In my family, my dad is famous for his love of dessert. He has such a sweet tooth, and one of his favorite treats are milkshakes! Every since I can remember, Dad’s been whipping up his famously sweet and sticky peanut butter and banana milkshakes. The last two years, he’s been trying to merge the flavor of his classic milkshake with another one of his favorites, cinnamon buns. One night we got to experimenting, and this is what came of it!

To make Dad’s New Milkshake, you will need CINNAMON honey grahams, vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream, milk, creamy peanut butter, some more cinnamon, a blender, and a spoon.

Ingredient Lineup

First add the milk and the ice cream, and then the peanut butter, and blend.

You may need to stop blending to push the peanut butter down into the blender a little bit to get the milkshake to be an even consistency.

Then, crush up the graham crackers. I put them in a Ziploc bag and smashed them with the heel of my hand. The consistency you end up with is completely up to you, I smashed some to a pulp and just cracked others up a little so there would still be some chunks in the milkshake.

Add the graham crackers and blend.

Pour and drink!

This was definitely the best milkshake my dad and I have made to date. The cinnamon really complements the peanut butter and adds a bit of complexity to the taste and the graham crackers add a doughy texture.


Let’s Chat!
What’s your favorite milkshake flavor?


2 responses to “Dad’s New Milkshake: Peanut Butter-Cinnamon-Graham

  1. I loove making peanut butter banana smoothies, although I’ve never tried one as a milkshake. I usually just use almond milk as the base. For some reason, I only drink a milkshake like once a year. Whenever I have the option of using ice cream, I’d just rather eat it in its natural form 🙂

  2. omg I LOVE cinnamon graham crackers alone, and they would be heavenly in a milkshake. I should tell Ben & Jerry’s 😉

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