Scotland Recap: The Willow Tea Room in Glasgow

We spent our last night in Scotland in city of Glasgow, near the airport.

Glasgow, Scotland

We did some last minute souvenir shopping, and then stopped at the Willow Tea Rooms for lunch. The Willow Tea Rooms are done in the style of the Scottish artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh. I’m not a big fan of the look, but my mom is!

Tourist Trap Ahead!

The coolest features were the dramatic high backed chairs. They closed off the tables like dividers! I’m not sure how I felt about them, but they were certainly different.

Signature High Backed Chairs

I ordered Earl Grey tea, which was actually a huge disappointment.

My Earl Grey Tea

They served the pot of tea with the leaves steeping in it, and then gave me a teacup with a small strainer to catch the leaves as I poured it from the pot. The first cup was great, but, as I knew would happen, by the time I had my second cup the leaves had over-steeped and the tea was bitter and awful. What a strange mistake for a tea room to make! You think they would know better than to just put leaves in a whole pot of tea with no way to remove them. Oh well, I’m a bit of a tea snob.

I should have just went with a mocha like Nicole did. It looked so yummy!

Nicole's Mocha

To eat I got French toast with some yogurt, which was pretty tasty, but definitely overpriced for what it was.

French Toast with Yogurt

I would definitely NOT recommend the Willow Tea Rooms, unless you are a Mackintosh enthusiast and can absolutely not pass it up. The tea (that was drinkable) was mediocre, the food was decent, and the prices were sky high. Willow Tea Rooms is clearly a tourist trap! We still enjoyed our time there though, and my mom liked looking at the art.

This is the last of my Scotland recaps! Hope you’ve enjoyed them, and that they’ve been helpful in planning your own travels.

If you need to catch up, here’s all of them:



3 responses to “Scotland Recap: The Willow Tea Room in Glasgow

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  2. for some reason the links to the other posts aren’t showing up on my computer.
    I bet there are tons of hole-in-the-wall tearooms around glasgow that were much cooler, but that place almost seems like a rite of passage, you know? Now you are a pro at glasgow…you know not to go the the Willow lol

  3. I guess grand-mama was right! Still glad we went!

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