Scotland Recap: Inveraray Castle and Highland Games!

En route from Campbeltown to Edinburgh, we passed through Inveraray for a VIP tour of the castle (my grandfather was friends with one of the tour guides) and a look at some real Highland games!

The Inveraray Castle is still the current residence of the Duke and Dutchess of Argyll, and the Dutchess is actually the heir to the Cadbury (as in the chocolate) fortune. Talk about a sweet inheritance! (Okay, that was awful, but I couldn’t help it!)

The castle was small (for a castle) but beautiful! I have a small obsession with castles. I just think that they are historically significant and so different from the structures we build today…these houses were meant to LAST!

Castle Entrance

In the gift shop, we got to meet the Duke of Argyll, who was taking a break from overseeing the Highland Games next door. And by meet I mean my mom introduced herself while I stood starstruck in a corner and took these creeper pictures. Yeahhh…

Meeting the Duke of Argyll!

An upstanding Scotsman

After tea in the castle, we went into the lawn to watch the Highland Games! It was held in a huge field and had tons of food, vendors, arts, and competition (hammer toss, caber toss, dancing, bagpiping, running, biking, wrestling, the list goes on!).

Warming Up for the Hammer Toss

Scottish Wrestling

I may have been laughing a little too hard at this point...

Highland Dancers

This Highland Games was significant because it was the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP of the CABER TOSS! Competitors came from all over Europe, and the US to compete! It was quite exciting! The cabers are HUGE. I can’t even believe these guys can lift them, let alone throw them to flip in the air!!

Tossing the Caber

More Caber Tossing

After the world champion was declared, we were on our way to Edinburgh. Keep reading to find out about all the delicious food we ate there!



3 responses to “Scotland Recap: Inveraray Castle and Highland Games!

  1. This is a really cool post. I’m reading a history of Scotland and the Argyll region is hugely important! The Scoti tribe, precursors to the Scottish as we know them, emigrated there from Ireland! So cool you got to see the Duke and where Scotland got its name!

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  3. this was my favorite day till i got my big pastry shell on my lamb pie.

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