Scotland Recap: Campbeltown Eats

Campbeltown (and Scotland on a whole) did not really serve many foods to suit my palate, however, there were a couple of places that I was quite happy to go to for breakfast or dinner!

We stopped by Auntie Mo’s, a sort of deli in the heart of Campbeltown, for some fresh sandwiches, pastries, and pies. Everything was cooked fresh that morning on site. I got a Cornish Pasty, which was like a meat pie with carrots and turnips! It was piping hot and delicious, a great comfort food, and quite portable. The pastry was light, buttery, and flaky, but the fillings made it so hearty. I loved it!

Cornish Pasty

Another Scottish staple is fish and chips (what Americans would call French Fries). Although I am not usually one for a completely fried meal, I couldn’t resist ordering the Beer-Battered Haddock at our favorite Campbeltown restaraunt, The White Hart Tavern. I swear my dad and I both agree that these were the best fish and chips in all of Scotland! The fish was great (probably so fresh, as Campbeltown is a fishing village by the sea), and the batter was so light and just greasy enough. SOO GOOD!

Beer Battered Fish and Chips!

Another of our favorite Campbeltown treats is the homemade vanilla ice cream from The Chocolate Box (a candy store). We literally stopped here at LEAST once a day for this creamy, sweet goodness. My dad is an addict! The ice cream is homemade on site using milk from AWARD WINNING DAIRY COWS! So Scottish 😉

Doesn't get any better than that!

Yummy Ice Cream!

Now you know about where we stayed and what we ate! Stay tuned to find out what we actually DID in Scotland!



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