Scotland Recap: Visiting Luss and Loch Lomond

Once we rented our car and departed from the airport, we headed towards our first real destination: Campbeltown. But of course, we had to stop and eat on the way there! There’s something about that plane food that just doesn’t sit right. So we pulled over in a very small town called Luss. Being able to take in the beautiful green hills of Scotland (spotted with free-grazing sheep and cows), and breathe the fresh air was amazing! Everywhere we turned, it looked like a postcard.

The little cottages in Luss were adorable…they reminded me of DisneyWorld! (Is that awful to say? They were just so quaint and tiny!)

Loch Lomond was amazing. See for yourself!

At first I thought these swans added to the serene appearance of Loch Lomond, but I was mistaken. First of all, they were absolutely HUGE, and secondly, when a curious puppy was sniffing near the water, the swans started hissing at the puppy and trying to attack it. SO SCARY.

We ate at the visitor’s center’s restauraunt, Purdies. It was beautiful on the inside; big windows gave a perfect view of the Loch!

I went with the traditional Scottish breakfast: tomatoes, mushrooms (mushrooms are served with everything because the damp Scottish climate is perfect for growing them!), baked beans, a runny egg, toast, sausage and bacon. I quickly found out that I was not a fan of Scottish meats (they just taste different, like they are less meat and more filler perhaps?) but I actually love having baked beans with breakfast!

After our brief stop in Luss, we headed towards Campbeltown where we would be staying for about five days. I’ll talk about where we stayed and what we did there in the next post, so stay tuned!


2 responses to “Scotland Recap: Visiting Luss and Loch Lomond

  1. people in New Zealand thought that bakes beans were a good excuse for Mexican food.
    What gorgeous scenes! My favorite part of travel is taking in the beautiful places of our earth.
    Also, swans are vicious.

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