Scotland Recap: West Bank House in Campbeltown

Upon our arrival to Campbeltown, we checked into our very quaint bed and breakfast, The West Bank House.

Welcome to the West Bank House!

We were greeted by Ann and Fiona, our two hostesses, who provided great food, priceless advice, and friendly service to our family for the duration of the stay. They so sweet!

Fiona giving directions in the foyer

Our (my sisters and my) room couldn’t have been more perfect! There was a small bathroom with a shower (with great water pressure, I may add!), and a double and a single bed. There was also a desk with a mirror, a hairdryer, and a selection of teas with mugs.

Pardon our mess 😉

The best part?  Free wifi!  The beautiful views from our 3rd story windows!

View #1

View #2

Fiona cooked us up a traditional Scottish breakfast every morning. Since thats not really my thing, I enjoyed breakfast tea, Wheatabix cereal and a banana (she had out a variety of fresh fruit) with peanut butter (which she brought out when I asked for it). I was quite happy with that in the morning!!

The West Bank House was a lovely place to stay in Campbeltown, and I would definitely stay there again if I came back. Fiona and Ann were very accommodating and fun to talk to, and the rooms were beautiful!



2 responses to “Scotland Recap: West Bank House in Campbeltown

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  2. THEY HAVE WEETBIX IN SCOTLAND?? It’s “New Zealand’s favorite breakfast” apparently 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more!

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