KiD CuDi Concert at the Mann Center

Let me start out by saying this:  I AM A BAD BLOGGER I DIDN’T TAKE A SINGLE PICTURE (well maybe i took one awful one on my cell phone but that doesn’t count).

Last night Andy and I went to the Mann Center (my second time there this summer, hear about the Bright Eyes show here) to see KiD CuDi perform!  We bought the tickets a long time ago, probably in February, so we were so excited that the day had finally arrived!  We saw Cudi perform last spring at Lafayette (a local college) and it was AMAZING.  We were in the front row!  I have to admit that I enjoy shows in smaller venues.  Even though the sound or the production of it all isn’t as epic, it’s just so much more intimate in a smaller, standing room only setting.  Also, although I really enjoy indie, alternative, and rock music, hip hop and rap concerts are my favorite to attend.  I just love the energy and the performative aspect, and I love to dance!!

At the Mann center, we had seats in the fourth row of the first section, on the end of the aisle into the center section.  Near perfect seats!!  It was definitely nice to know we had seats reserved and that we could take our time getting there, and leave and come back to them during the show.  Much more relaxing than fighting to stay standing like I have at other shows!

The production of the concert was top notch.  Soundwise, you can’t beat thed Mann Center.  Cudi performed to a live band (he just had a DJ at Lafayette), which really added to the sound and the performance as a whole.  On the screen behind them they had really cool visuals, including music videos and footage of Kid Cudi on tour.

The energy in the crowd was amazing!  Kid Cudi is such a talented performer, and he really feeds off of and interacts with the audience throughout the show.  He played stuff from all of his albums and mixtapes, which made me happy because I wasn’t crazy about his newest album, “Man on the Moon II”.  I was SO excited when I heard the hook to Kanye West’s “All of the Lights”!  Kid Cudi sings the bridge of it on Kanye’s version, but he performed the whole song and I went CRAZY.  I was not expecting that at all!!

To wrap up the show, Cudi gave a 5 minute inspirational speech that was actually really sweet.  He talked about how much he loved and appreciated his fans, and how he really crafts his albums with his fans in mind (well I guess all artists do that but it’s still nice to hear).  He also just offered general vague words of encouragement.  Actually thinking back on it it wasn’t the most meaningful of speeches but in the moment it was extremely empowering.

Cudi closed with “Pursuit of Happiness”, as to be expected.  The biggest disappointment was that there was no encore!!  Andy and I thought that the lack of encore was the only thing wrong with the entire show.

My only complaint is that my ears are STILL ringing from the concert.  What does this mean?  Do I have permanent ear damage?  WILL THE RINGING EVER STOP?!

I really do love going to concerts!  I vividly remember every concert I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a good amount!).  Even though they can be pricey (KiD CuDi was $60 each including the dreaded Ticketmaster fees), I really have never regretted buying tickets for a show.  I definitely want to go to more concerts in Pittsburgh next year!


Let’s Chat!

  • Do you like going to concerts?  What genres?
  • Do you think concerts are a waste of money?

One response to “KiD CuDi Concert at the Mann Center

  1. i was googling to see if the audio to this concert was recorded professionally and can be found anywhere and stumbled across this blog. my favorite part was that even tho he didnt do every song he sampled some of his songs vocally without music which i loved because he does actually have a good voice. good blog and good concert.

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