Myrtle Beach Day 6: Cannon’s First Mini-Golf!

Last night, the Benzio clan headed out to Hawaiian Village Golf (the first golf place we could find after we left Seawatch) to get our mini-golf on!  I love mini-golf, it’s so much fun and very low pressure.  I’m not very good, but it’s always interesting to see how I improve throughout the game (the first few holes are always embarrassingly awful for me).

Our mini-golf destination...sketchy much?

They gave all the girls fun leis to wear in fitting with the theme…how cute is that?

The best part about this mini-golfing trip was that it was Cannon’s (my 2.5 year old cousin’s) first time golfing! He had so much fun once he figured it out.

Cannon golfing for the first time!

The Family (gotta love that artificially blue waterfall)

Uncle Kyle helping Nicole rescue her ball from the "lagoon"

After mini-golf we celebrated Benzio style…with ice cream!! We stopped by Painter’s ice cream because it was “voted best in the US” (source uncited).

There was quite a crowd!

It looked yummy!

One scoop strawberry cheesecake and one scoop fudge ripple (in a waffle cone, of course!)

But…it wasn’t that great. Extremely mediocre actually. My dad joked that they must have been voted best by their parents. LOL!

Cannon didn’t seem to mind!


Let’s Chat!

  1. Are you a good mini-golfer?
  2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

2 responses to “Myrtle Beach Day 6: Cannon’s First Mini-Golf!

  1. HEllo!

    I am quite good at mini golf!My best friend Bernie and I always go whenever he is in from D.C. I am actually nationally ranked. I’m ranked 12th here.

    Keeping up on my faith is really helpful with keeping up on my game! He inspires every swift and long stroke I make as I play putt-putt! A verse which always inspires me as I prepare to compete is Ephesians 6:10. “Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.”

    your brother in Christ,


  2. I love your blogs, cannot wait to read the next one.

    I am quite addicted to ice-cream, I am trying to find an ice cream that is not fattening, fat free, sugar free. That is what Uncle Andrew eats. May be instead of doing that I should not eat ice cream at all. I think it goes straight to the hips. Lise

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