Myrtle Beach Day 5: A Little Competition Never Hurts Anyone

One of the defining features of my family is that for the most part we are very competitive.  My dad was a star football/basketball/baseball player his entire life, and he does not like to lose!  Whether in sports, the arts, academics, or arguments, us Benzio’s like to fight to be the best. When we’re on vacation it’s no different!  Last night, Gigi entered a ping-pong tournament at SeaWatch.

Gigi playing in the championship ping pong game.

Gigi played in the kids division, and kicked major butt!  Only 4 kids were entered, Gigi and 3 other boys.  She played 2 games and won them both; the first she won 11-6 and the championship game she won 11-1!!  The other boys were shouting “Don’t get beat by a girl!”, but Gigi stayed cool as a cucumber and was victorious!  She had the whole room cheering for her.  Girl power!  The funniest part is after she finished playing, she sat next to me and said, “I went easy on them.”  🙂

Let the races begin!

One of my family’s favorite activities at the resort are the twice daily Turtle races!  Anyone can buy a turtle (like a rubber duckie) for $5, decorate it, and enter it in as many races in the lazy river as they want.

Just floatin' on by...

Gigi races her turtle, Kevin, as many times as she can, and so far has won 3 races (not an easy feat!).  She’s been trying to use a lot of different strategies to get Kevin to race faster, including but not limited to freezing him before the race and dipping him in oil. The races are so fun, and it’s great to watch the kids (and the adults!) get so into it, cheering and chasing their turtle around the river.

Pappy following Kevin around the river

Gigi with Tara the Terrible (Cannon's turtle) and Kevin (her turtle)


Let’s Chat:

  • What would you name your turtle? 
  • What do you get competitive about? 

One response to “Myrtle Beach Day 5: A Little Competition Never Hurts Anyone

  1. So fun to read on a Saturday morning. Gigi is quite a girl. I wonder what she will do when she grows up!!!!!!!

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