Myrtle Beach Day 2: Hard Sweaty Runs and Baptist Church

One of the only health related commitments I made to myself about my vacation was that I would continue running!  So yesterday I got out to the beach at 7:30 am to begin Week 4 of the One Day to 5K Plan (5 minutes walk, 3 minutes run, 90 seconds walk, 5 minutes run, 2.5 minutes walk, 3 minutes run, 90 seconds walk, 5 minutes run).  The sun was already high in the sky, and it was EXTREMELY hot and humid!  I was sweating so much that my eyes stung from the salt from my forehead sweat.  Sweat was DRIPPING off of all of my fingertips.  I’m not used to this South Carolina heat!  I really struggled on my run, and I actually couldn’t finish out the last run (I stopped 2 minutes short) because I was having trouble breathing.  Lame!  I walked for 2 minutes and then ran blasted on of my power workout songs (Stronger by Kanye) and ran for 2 minutes so that I could feel like I had finished it out.

Sweaty and Discouraging

Despite my running shortcomings, here are some pretty pictures I took on the “walk” portions.  Can you tell I just started using the Instagram app?  I would totally recommend it, it makes normal pictures a lot more special!

Washed Up Jellyfish...Yuck!

When I came back in I had to have a smoothie to cool down!  Vanilla almond milk and protein powder, (tropical) mixed fruit, and spinach!  It was a nice beachy change from my usual mixed berries.

Vacation Smoothies

After everyone woke up, we headed out to church (it was Sunday, after all!). We ALWAYS go to church on vacation. For some reason, I am always a little stubborn about this because, come on, it’s vacation! But I guess you can’t really take a vacation from God, and it’s good to remember and praise Him for being so blessed that we are able to go on vacation! I also am not a fan of going to other churches that I have never been to before and will never go to again, but as my dad reminded us in the car, you don’t go to church for you, you go to church for God. It’s kind of neat that all around the country, and all around the world, I can go into a church and be welcomed by my brothers and sisters in Christ!

The service was pretty good, and talked about the 3 changes that should happen when someone becomes a Christian: a new allegiance (to God and a genuine desire to love what he loves (all people and good works), hate what he hates (sin), and obey his commands), a new affection (for fellowship with other believers), and a new assurance (that you will have eternal life in heaven with Him). I love an alliterative message. It was a Baptist church (I usually attend Presbyterian at school and non-Denominational at home) and there was about a twenty minute altar call at the end. If you’re unfamiliar with altar calls, they’re when the pastor very clearly presents the Gospel message and then makes an invitation for those who haven’t accepted Christ to come up to the front of the church and accept him. Usually they are very effective in giving people opportunities to come to Christ; I know a ton of people who were saved through the altar call process. In the Baptist church, or at least in all the ones I’ve been to, they do an altar call EVERY SINGLE SERVICE, which seems excessive (especially yesterday, because we had to keep our eyes shut throughout the entire 20 minute altar call). I understand why it’s done and the importance of Evangelism, but it’s not really my thing.


For lunch, I had to have my oats. My family looked at me like I was crazy, eating oats in 95 degree weather, but it’s air conditioned inside so I didn’t really mind! They’re such good fuel! I cut up an apple and threw half in, and then dipped the other half in peanut butter. Mmmmmmm

Oat Love Forever ❤



One response to “Myrtle Beach Day 2: Hard Sweaty Runs and Baptist Church

  1. Good for you for running in the heat! It’s been quite a shock for me, so I wimped and ran at the gym. About to do that again today, methinks! And I can’t quite get up early enough to run before the heat sets in, yet!

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