Myrtle Beach Day 2: Beach and Steak n Shake

After lunch, I went down to the beach to just hang out. I swam a while in the ocean, but then something brushed against my leg so I had to get out. Yes, I am that person. After seeing that jellyfish washed up on the beach during my morning run, I was super paranoid about jellyfish stings and kept on psychosomatically feeling itchy.

Story of my life.

Then I did my favorite beach activity…sitting on the beach and reading with my feet in the ocean! The Help is so addicting, I’m already a third of the way through. A lot of sunburns sprouted up on me after the first day in the sun (particularly on my chest and my belly) because I forgot to reapply sunscreen and because I’m not used to the strength of the Southern sun! This time when I read on the beach I reapplied sunscreen every 30 minutes (paranoid much?) and I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t get any MORE burnt than I already was.

My cousin Cassie, my sister Nicole, and Me!

For dinner we went to Steak and Shake, a fast food place that was kind of like Johnny Rockets but not as good.

I went all out and got a shake, bacon cheeseburger, and fries (it is vacation after all!). The burger and fries weren’t impressive, but the shake was AMAZING!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Milkshake!

Extremely Mediocre Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries

I didn’t feel very well afterwards though, and it reminded me the real reason I try to eat healthy: because it makes me physically feel better!


Let’s Chat!

  • Do you like swimming in the ocean?  Why or why not?
  • Do you ever overeat or eat things that don’t make you feel great just because you want to?  Do you consider it to be indulgent or problematic?

2 responses to “Myrtle Beach Day 2: Beach and Steak n Shake

  1. I get very anxious swimming in the ocean – but not because of maritime friends…for the waves! For someone who has never had a traumatic experience in the waves, I have an unnecessary level of pathological fears for it!
    Let’s totally see The Help movie this summer!

  2. I love having so many post to read when I’m at work, Dominique, thank you!

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