What I’m Looking Forward To…Summer 2011 Style

As I am a planner/think type personality, a lot of my life is spent “looking forward”.  That mindset definitely has it’s pros and cons…it’s fun to get excited for things, but it’s also sometimes hard for me to live in the moment!  Lately though, it’s just generated a lot of good excitement.

In celebration of today, the first day of summer, I thought I’d share with you some things that I’m looking forward to this summer (in chronological order, of course).

1.  Our annual family vacation to Myrtle Beach! I’m so ready just relax with a good book on the sand, swim in the ocean, get a nice tan, eat my grandma’s raviolis and pierogies, and play games as a family.  It’ll be my first (much-needed) break from work since literally the day I got home from college!

My grandparents have a timeshare, and we always stay at the SeaWatch resort!

2.  Seeing KiD CuDi in concert at the Mann Center with Andy!  We saw him last spring and it was amazing.  We’ve had these tickets since winter and have been so excited ever since!


3.  Seeing my best friend Emma for the first time since January 2, and celebrating her 20th birthday together!  Emma’s been studying abroad in New Zealand spring semester, and won’t be getting back until I’m in Myrtle Beach.  I absolutely cannot wait to see her again!!!!  I already have 3 fabulous birthday events planned for her, so she better be ready for fun. 😉

Before she left we went for Christmas tea at one of our favorite places, The Talking Teacup!


4.  Touring Scotland with my family! 10 (or was it 11?) years ago my family went to Scotland for a family reunion (my Pop-pop immigrated to the US from Scotland!), and now we’re going to take it by storm again!  I’m so excited for the opportunity to travel and to be able to see so many new places!!

We'll be spending some of our time in the quaint Campbeltown, which I can't wait to explore!

5.  Spending the weekend in New York City with one of my best friends, Jamie!  She’s interning there for the summer.  I’m hoping to hit up some great restaurants and a comedy club.  I know we’ll have a blast!

Gonna be living it up in the (bright lights) big city!

6.  Opening up my Pittsburgh house with my mom!  Technically the house becomes ours August 1st, but due to work August 6 will be the soonest I can make it up there.  We’re planning on cleaning, painting, and semi-furnishing as much as we can in a weekend.  Can you say DIY?  We can!!

At 100 years old, it could definitely use some TLC...

7.  Moving back to Pittsburgh for the school year, and seeing all my friends again!  As much as summer is a nice break, I am such a student at heart.  I miss living in a city, and I miss my college friends!

WHEW!  Does that sound exciting or what?  It does to me!  Bring it on 😉


Let’s Chat!

  • What are you most excited to do this summer?



One response to “What I’m Looking Forward To…Summer 2011 Style

  1. I can’t wait for my birfday!!!!! been trying to get stuff out of my mom, she is not cracking………

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