Father’s Day Recap


I didn’t post on Father’s Day weekend because I was too busy enjoying it with my dad!  My dad is one of the most amazing people I know, and here’s why:

He is caring.  My dad’s whole life is based around helping other people, whether those people be his patients or his wife and daughters!  He is an amazingly talented and sought after psychiatrist, and he founded a life-saving nonprofit organization called Lighthouse Network, which has a toll-free hotline that helps people find  treatment for themselves, or friends and family members with psychological or addiction problems.

Dropping his baby girl off at college (pretty sure we're all holding back tears here!)

He is smart!  My dad is the smartest person I know, hands down.  He is logical, analytical, and sharp-witted.  The way he integrates his spiritual knowledge with his background in medicine in his psychiatric practice is revolutionary and always wows me.  His innovative therapy methods have taken him all around the country, and the world (various countries in Africa and to Iraq!).

Don't mess with Karl!

He is funny and optimistic.  My dad cracks me, and the rest of my family up!  I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain ONCE in my entire life.  EVER.  Even when the going gets tough, he’s always there for a good laugh or encouragement.

He'll do anything for a joke.

He is always there for our family.  My dad, like many dads, would do ANYTHING for his women (I have two younger sisters!).  He has coached our basketball, softball, and volleyball teams.  He has woken up at 2 am to drive our family through the night to DisneyWorld while we all slept.  He listens to ALL of our problems, and gives the best advice.  I can call him from school having a nervous breakdown at 2am, and I know he’ll wake up and pick up the phone (perks of a psychiatrist dad is always having on-call counseling 😉 ).

The best coach of ANY sport! (with Gigi)

I could go on and say so many things about how much I love my dad, how much fun I have with him, how supportive he has always been of me, and how sometimes I think he is the only one who understands me, but I’ll just leave it go there.  Needless to say, my dad is the best!

To celebrate Father’s Day, my family ate some great food (thanks mom!) and spent the day at church and kayaking, then just hanging out and watching TV.  We had a blast!


Let’s Chat!

  • What did you do on Fathers Day?
  • What do you think are the best traits for a dad to have?

3 responses to “Father’s Day Recap

  1. Awww! He sounds like an amazing guy!!!! And his work sounds so inspiring.

  2. This so sweet! I just did a recap of my Father’s Day too 🙂
    I love your prom dress, btw!

  3. thanks my little bud. God has blessed me in so many amazing ways, and as long as i serve Him instead of me, He takes care of me way better than i took care of myself. i dont deserve mommy and you girls and am so thankful God gave you all to me.
    by HIS grace,
    your big bud

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