Hair Obsession

I have a love affair with my hair.  I love it’s smooth texture.  I love it’s warm brown color.  I love that it (most) always cooperates.  I love it’s healthy sheen.

I am a firm believer that someone’s haircut can be their best (or worst) accessory!  If your hair looks fabulous, YOU look fabulous, no matter what you are wearing or doing.  You can’t take your hair off or put it on, it’s always there with you, reflecting your own personal style.

I am also addicted to haircuts.  I rarely get my nails done (although my mom is paying for me to go before we leave for the beach, a gift for good grades in my Freshman year of college) and I have NEVER been to a spa, so haircuts are as much pampering as I let myself do.  There’s something so therapeutic about hair salons…the good smells, the constant but lighthearted chatter, the endless possibilities of cuts, colors, and transformations.

I have gone through many hair transformations myself! I rocked a pixie cut for most of high school, alternating between super short crops to more shaggy, transistional styles. After my last pixie cut in December 2009 I decided that I would start growing my hair out…I got sick of only being able to style it one way (the “short hair” way! lol).  It definitely took a while.  Here’s a look at my hair from grade 9 till recently…

Lots of variation, as you can see! My favorite was definitely the fauxhawk 😉

Although I had some problems making a hair appointment…let’s not talk about that…I finally got my hair trimmed today for the first time since December 2010! It was definitely time for a shape up, my spilt ends were AWFUL. I just got a bit off the bottom, and he blowed it dry normally. It looked good, pretty much just the same as it used to but minus the split ends. When I was at the salon, I told my stylist that my hair had recently been changing texture from pin-straight to wavy! I had no idea what to do with my new slightly wavy hair, so he showed me how to do “beach waves” in less than ten minutes. It’s not something that I would do everyday, but it was wayyyy easier than I expected it to be, and it turned out pretty cute! It’s a good way to embrace the wave instead of just letting it hang there or by blowing it out.

And it can still all go back in a ponytail when I’m working out. Perfecto!


Let’s Chat!

  1. When’s the last time you got a haircut?  Did you like it?
  2. What was your “craziest” hairstyle?

3 responses to “Hair Obsession

  1. omg we’re gonna be twins!!!! wavy hair for the win!

  2. Your hair looks great. Hormones usually cause a change in hair texture. What did you use to build the mini-photo grid? Thanks, Suzanne

  3. You crack an auntie up. I am quite fond of the cut and highlights I just got (since your asking).

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