Feature Item: Denim Hat Collection

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Have you checked out my Etsy shop yet?  Today’s featured item from my shop is actually THREE featured items: the hats from the Denim Hat Collection (Denim, Yellow & Plum Striped Ribbed Brim Knit Hat, Denim & Plum Garter Stitch Brim Knit Hat, Denim & Yellow Garter Stitch Brim Textured Knit Hat).

All three of these hats were based around a beautiful, squishy heather blue yarn that I thought looked like denim!  I paired it with some plum and yellow, which I thought complemented the denim but also gave the hats a funky, fun touch.  I wanted each of the hats to have it’s own unique personality, but to be within the same color palate, so I experimented with brims, striping, and texture!

Click any of the hats for more information, or to purchase.

Happy shopping!



3 responses to “Feature Item: Denim Hat Collection

  1. That is sooo cute about your boyfriend making you dinner in his dorm! How creative and thoughtful 🙂 I loved hearing that.

  2. You are a knitting machine. I love your energy. I hope the selling goes well.


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