Pink and Orange: What Does it Mean?!

First off, sorry for all of the Etsy spam lately!  I haven’t really had anything interesting going on to blog about, just the same old same old, so I figured I might as well engage in some shameless self-promotion ;).

I STILL don’t have anything interesting going on to blog about, but hey, that’s never stopped me before!  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately…

This week I’ve rocked the early AM workouts with running (Love you, Couch to 5K!!), BodyPump (I made my goal of 2 classes this week), and Yoga classes!  The results of my not always so fun efforts really showed when I go this beauty in the mail from Victoria’s Secret…

I LOVE it, especially the bright, bold colors!  I got free shipping and 20% off, so the entire suit was $32.  Not too shabby!  It’s just what I needed to get me to power through the last 10 days of “dieting” before Myrtle Beach.  It’ll look great with a tan. 🙂

For relaxation lately, I’ve been knitting and reading.

As you can see, I’m reading the book One Day  by David Nicholls.  I’m a little more than halfway through it, and I enjoy it, but I‘m not really finding it to be a page turner.  I’m having trouble building up my reading momentum!  The characters are really well developed though; I’m quite attached to them.  I really have no idea how it’s going to end either (which is weird because I pride myself on being able to spoil book and movie endings without reading them!).

I’m knitting the second armwarmer to my latest winter set (matching hat and armwarmers).  I love the yarn color, it was hand-dyed for me by a friend!!

That’s pretty much all that is new and exciting in my life right now (aka not much!), but I’m quite content with how things are going!  Just for fun, here’s where I’m blogging from right now…my patio with my parents!  I love spending time outside, and the weather’s beautiful in PA right now.

We sure do love our MacBooks Pros!

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but I did once I uploaded the pictures for this post…everything new in my life is pink and orange (the bathing suit, the book, and the knitting)!   They’re not even my favorite colors (I love purple best).  What a strange coincidence.  I wonder if it means anything…lol!

I gotta run…literally!  Week 2 Day 2 of my One Day to 5K Program awaits.


Let’s Chat

  1. Have you done anything exciting this week?
  2. What are your favorite colors?
Give me some love in the comments 🙂

2 responses to “Pink and Orange: What Does it Mean?!

  1. I think you should get your toes painted hot pink to match your new bikini! My favorite color is pink, I have no idea why I painted my toes purple. 😦 You new bikini reminds me of something I would have worn when I was your age! Enjoy! You look beautiful in it!

  2. Strange that I am living a semi-parallel life with my 19 year old neice – but I read that book this year too! It was okay – I agree, not really a page turner. I am waiting for the next Geraldine Brooks “Caleb’s Crossing” book to become available at the library. That and the Hunger Games. Did you read “the Year of Wonders”? It was excellent. Love that bikini and wish I could wear it – but I was never really a bikini girl. Congrats on all of your training. I’m impressed – keep up the good work. Bring your running shoes to Scotland. The view is great and it keeps you warm!

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