Featured Item for Sale: Sugar Plum Fairy Ear-Warmin’ Headband

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Today’s featured item from Designed by domUnique (my Etsy store) is the Sugar Plum Fairy Ear-Warmin’ Headband!

It’s all about the yarn for this elegant ribbed headband.  It is a rich purple color and is laced with small beads for an understated sparkle.  Sometimes I think it is hard to find warm accessories that are still delicate and beautiful, but this Ear-Warmin’ Headband is definitely very classy; it is a dressier winter accessory which still could be worn casually.

These Ear-Warmin’ Headbands are one of my favorite ways to keep my sensitive ears warm in the warm weather.  Why?  Because the headband’s ends taper gently into the ties, allowing you to adjust the headband’s size and to avoid the awkward hair bump that often occurs with hair bands that are the same size all around and connect in the back.

I love wearing my Ear-Warmin’ Headbands with a ponytail, or on days when I don’t want to have hat hair the second I walk inside!

For more information, or to purchase, check out my Etsy store at www.DesignedbydomUnique.etsy.com

Happy Shopping!



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