Bright Eyes at the Mann Center

This Friday, I had some exciting summer plans: I went to go see M. Ward and Bright Eyes perform at the Mann Center with one of my best friends, Jamie!!

After work I went to her house where we ate some dinner (veggies, pita, hummus and a babybel for me!) and then got on our way to the show. There was lots of Philly traffic (to be expected) but we made it there in time for the openers!

The Mann Center in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

The Mann Center is a HUGE venue, located in the middle of Fairmount Park right outside of Philadelphia. You can see the skyline from the lawn! We opted for lawn seats (cheaper!) and crossed our fingers for beautiful weather. We were in luck! It was nice and warm with a light breeze and clear skies. Some people sitting around us actually had seats under the roof but opted to sit on the lawn just because the weather was so beautiful!

We caught a little of the first opener (Dawes) and they sounded pretty good. Then M. Ward came on and played for a while. He was very chill, and has such a beautiful voice!

Happy on the Lawn!

Opener M. Ward

Finally at about 9pm, Bright Eyes came on! IT WAS SO EXITING. That really bright light you see on the screen was actually a jumbo-tron, so even though we were so far away, we got to see every detail of what was going on. They played a great variety of songs from almost ALL of the Bright Eyes albums, and Conor Oberst was definitely in fine form. His voice is so raw and pure, and so filled with feeling. He’s an amazing and captivating performer, and he really drew in the crowd. I was transfixed for the entire TWO HOUR SET and OVER HALF HOUR ENCORE. Seriously, we got our moneys worth of Bright Eyes.


Afterwards we stopped at a diner on the way home. SO SUMMERY! I cheated on my diet to enjoy a short stack of pancakes (but I felt a little bloaty afterwards…I practically inhaled them! Not the best idea), which was so worth it. It was such a lovely night!
This morning, however, I wasn’t in such fine form!  I had gotten home and fell asleep around 2:30am and was planning on waking up around 7am to run, do some chores, and eat breakfast before meeting Andy for BodyPump at 9.  Apparently that was a little overambitious….I woke up at 7am only to pass out again and sleep through BodyPump!  I’m used to getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, so it’s not a surprise that I couldn’t just spring out of bed after only 4.5 hours of sleep.  Lesson learned!


Let’s Chat

  1. What was the last concert you saw?  Did you enjoy it?
  2. How many hours a sleep do you need a night?

3 responses to “Bright Eyes at the Mann Center

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  2. 1. I saw Weezer at AE a few weekends ago (and let me reiterate how awesome that venue is!)
    2. It all depends whether I wake up in the middle of a REM cycle or not

    and I definitely just ate lunch, but now I am totally craving pancakes 😉 haha

  3. I would love to see Conor Oberst live – Mark and I are big fans. So great that you got to go and see him! We don’t have any open air shows planned yet, but I hope to get one in this summer if we can. They are always so fun. And on the sleep question: I do best with 8 hours a night. 4.5 hours is not an option for me!!

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