Weekend Eats: Sandwich Lovin!

This weekend I worked, so nothing too interesting happened, other than these weekend eats!

Saturday morning, after running a little over a mile, I treated myself to a Green Monster (that was actually green!) and an almond butter and banana French toast sandwich.

Saturday Breakfast/Lunch

On my hour break from work (which is at such an awkward meal time, 3pm!) I stopped by Lilly’s cafe in Doylestown for a sandwich!  I LOVE Lilly’s, they make the best sandwiches!  The cafe is so quaint and homey.  There 7 grain bread is deliciously hearty!

Lilly's Cafe in Doylestown

I got a tuna melt with bacon and on 7 grain wheat bread! With a pickle of course 🙂  I ate half and saved half!

Saturday Lunch/Dinner

For dinner on Sunday night, Andy and I wanted to make crepes!


But of course, ordinary crepes aren’t exciting enough, so we stuffed them with Béchamel sauce, eggs, spinach, tomato, pork roll, and cheese. A crepe sandwich! A delicious last meal before the dieting begins 😉

Sunday Dinner


Let’s Chat!

  1. Do you like sandwiches?  What’s your favorite kind of sandwich?
  2. Did you do anything fun this past weekend?

9 responses to “Weekend Eats: Sandwich Lovin!

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  3. I can’t wait to eat together again. I miss you!

  4. Those crepes look amazing! But what diet are you talking about, girl!?! You look fabulous as it is.

    My favorite sandwich is probably a pressed panini with some melty cheese and tomatoes!

    • Thanks!! Explanation of diet just posted.
      I could eat grilled cheese type sandwiches ANY day, for sure. During the school year that will be more explained…suspense!

  5. i guess work is slow!

  6. I’m so glad you like/drink green monsters too!! Alyssa legit thinks I’m nuts every time I make them.

    • i’d rather drink my salad than eat it, actually! they’re really not bad, with the right mix of stuff you often can’t even taste the greens!

  7. Classic weekend food, sandwiches! Simple, easy and always nice and filling!

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