The All-You Diet and Why I Love It

So I’ve had some questions about my diet/why I am dieting, and I thought I should clear it up!

First of all, the diet I am on is called “Drop a Dress Size in 2 Weeks” and it’s from the amazing magazine All You (perhaps the April 2010 issue?).  I first used this diet when I actually needed to drop a dress size for prom!  They didn’t have my size in the dress I wanted so I bought a size smaller (it zipped, but barely!) and thought I could just wear Spanx.  I somehow gained more weight between the dress buying and the dress fitting, so I definitely need to diet.  I was already carrying a some bit of extra weight at the time, not exercising AT ALL and eating (read:  binging) whenever I wanted, so losing some weight was definitely an okay decision for my body.  I did the All You diet, and didn’t exercise (I was an exercise-phobe, okay?) for 2 weeks, and I fit into my dress!  I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks, and kept off 5 of those pounds ever since.

Andy and I with friends before Prom!

In college, however, my eating habits drastically changed.  Dining hall food provided a world of all you can eat fried food, with mystery ingredients that I couldn’t control.  I basically had access to fries, chicken fingers, soda, and pizza 24/7 (although there was also a salad and sandwich bar… but I’m not a salad girl!).  Pittsburgh is cold and grey October-March, so comfort food and sweats abound.  I wouldn’t say I put on the Freshman 15, but my body did a weird weight dispersal…my legs got thinner (walking more?) and my tummy got bigger (more fried/salty foods and soda!).

Since I’ve been home I’ve had access to much better foods (thanks for all the grocery shopping, mom!) and I’ve been making a lot better eating choices in the food department (blogging has helped!).  I’m dieting now because I want to kickstart my healthier lifestyle.  My mom and my grandma are dieting now (with the All You diet, of course) so it’s nice to have a little support group.  Also, I’m going to Myrtle Beach with my family on June 23 (YAY!) and I know it’s vain but I just want to kick any extra fat (and trust me, I’m not delusional, there definitely is some baby pudge lying around) and power up my metabolism for my vacation.

So what is the All You diet?  Here are the basics:

  • At least 2 liters of water every day.  No drinks other than water or herbal tea!  This flushes your body of toxins, gets rid of a lot of water weight, and makes your skin glow!!
  • Eat 5 small, approximately 250 calorie meals a day (for a total of 1250 calories a day).  I love this diet because it makes me feel like I’m eating CONSTANTLY, and I never feel hungry when I’m on it.
  • Two meals a day consist of a serving of fruit and a lean protein
  • Three meals a day consist of a whole wheat grain, a vegetable, and a lean protein
I really don’t feel like I’m depriving myself of anything when I’m on this diet.  For example, today I ate a sunny side up egg, a tomato, a piece of whole wheat toast, a Greek yogurt, strawberries, a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter, brown rice, grilled tilapia, asparagus, an apple, and a Babybel cheese.  Oh and a TON of water!  I feel great!

I don’t care if I don’t lose ANY weight at all!  I’ll just take that as a sign that my body is already at it’s healthy weight.  I’m also going to be very attentive to any feelings of weakness in my body, upon which I will increase my caloric intake.  This diet worked very well for me when I had basically no activity level, but I’m not sure it will work for me at my current high activity level.

Also, just to keep perspective, here’s a great article about our culture’s strange idea of a “bikini body”.  I totally agree that ANYONE who wants to wear a bikini should be able to, and that healthy can look different for anyone!  There is not ONE bikini body, or even FIVE bikini bodies.  There is just your body, and how you feel about it!  I feel great about my body because I know that I protect it, nourish it, and challenge it appropriately, and really thats the most important thing to me!


Let’s Chat!

  1. Do you ever diet?  Why or why not?
  2. Do you do anything health and fitness wise to prepare for a vacation?  What’s your opinion on having a “bikini body”?

4 responses to “The All-You Diet and Why I Love It

  1. Mike Schlensker


    My wife really likes the All-You diet but has lost her copy of it. Is there a chance you still have a copy and could email it to me? She would certainly appreciate it.


  2. hello dominique-

    i have read every post of yours so far. i take inspiration from your enthusiasm and disciplne; however, i am here to remind you that as long as you eat murdered animals and their by-products, you will continue to feel anxiety and your body will decline into disease ultimately.

    in the modern world that you live in, my dear dominique, animals don’t see the light of day…they are caged so as to not get muscles…they are fed a diet of steroids and hormones…if you eat them, these poisons will go into you, as well as the energey of their terror upon death…

    the eggs you eat, the wee birds have their beaks cut off as chicks…this is true even with free-range birds…

    if you want to eat clean and purify/detox yourself, then eat only living fruits, vegetables, soaked nuts and soaked seeds…then you will have a clean conscience and also, vitality…consider the diet of john the baptist…locust and honey…this world is imperfect, we must do the very best we can and cause the least harm.

    there is no life in protein powders or anything out of a tin or jar….think about it, dominique, the life force is dead… has been heated (killed) to a temperature above 120 degrees farenheit…eat only living food…it’s not a diet…it’s a life choice…


  3. I remember when you did this last time!!! I think a good way to describe this “diet” is a “cleanse.” It is a 2-week period where you eat absolutely clean – no exceptions. It’s a great way for someone to get back on track, but I think we need to emphasize here that it will do you no good as a permanent lifestyle change! We need those times to indulge, it’s just good for the soul. But especially after a phase when you are putting things into your body that do more harm than good, a “cleanse” like this can be revitalizing. I’m curious to see how you’ll feel! So are you keeping up with your regular activity level on this diet?

    • A cleanse is actually more what it is, you’re right! And oh my how I know I love to indulge! I certainly will be indulging at the beach with Grandma Joyce’s cooking and desserts every night! =D
      I am maintaining a pretty high activity level on the diet so far, and feel fine. I wasn’t weak after BodyPump at all!

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