Summer Goals

This summer I told myself that I would use all of my free time to “improve” myself.  I love college, but I kind of hit a rut in my personal growth.  Here’s my summer plan to work my way out of my rut and to build some good habits before going back to school!  For each “category” I have set some goals (I want to…), and then laid out a plan of action (I will…) in order to accomplish each goal.

Spirituality – Goals

  • I want to set aside a designated time every day for Bible reading and prayer
Spirituality – Plans
  • I will kickstart my devotional time by going through the 10 week “7 Minutes with God” Devotional book.  I KNOW that I can absolutely commit to at least 7 minutes each morning for devotionals!
  • When I am through “7 Minutes with God”, I will find a new devotional or reading plan to follow and continue to devote at least 7 minutes every morning to Bible study.

Diet – Goals

  • I want to shed as much unnatural/water weight as possible.
  • I want to continue eating healthfully for the rest of the summer.
Diet – Plans
  • I will kickstart June on the AllYou “2 Weeks to Lose a Dress Size” Diet (June 6-June 23), only allowing one “cheat” a week.
  • When the diet ends, I will maintain healthy eating habits by focusing mainly on fruits and veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats.
  • I will eat when I’m hungry, and stop eating when I’m full.
  • I will allow myself to indulge without feeling guilty!
  • I will drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

Exercise – Goals

  • I want to be able to run without stopping for a longer amount of time (be able to run 3 miles/30 minutes without stopping).
  • I want to be more flexible.
  • I want to improve my strength.
Exercise – Plans
  • I will run 3 times a week, (loosely) following the Couch to 5K program
  • I will practice yoga twice a week (preferably by attending classes, I don’t practice very well on my own at this point)
  • I will strength train twice a week (BodyPump!)
Etsy Store – Goals
  • I want to have at least 40 items listed in my Etsy store by the time I go to school.
Etsy Store – Plans
  • I will schedule 5 hours every week to make crafts for my Etsy store, and 2 hours a week to do store maintenance and upkeep.
Reading – Goals
  • I want to become addicted to reading again, like I was when I was in elementary and middle school!
Reading – Plans
  • I will start and finish 2 books a month.
Other fun things I want to do this summer:
  • Go to Dorney Park (a popular amusement park in our area)
  • Go tubing down the Delaware River
  • Go to the the Jersey Shore for a day or a weekend
  • Go to New York City
  • Go kayaking
  • Go to Ringing Rocks
  • Complete the Within Reach workshop
I will come back and reevaluate these goals in the beginning of July and August, and then set new ones at the beginning of the school year!
This may seem somewhat extreme or idealistic, but ever since I was younger I have thrived on setting goals and making plans for myself.  Usually I find it easy to rise to my own expectations!  If, however, I find myself struggling to meet one area of my goals, I will not let it cause me stress.  I will merely reassess my plan for growth, and then break it down into smaller, more manageable steps!
Also, I have already begun in May to work towards these goals, I am only posting them here now for accountability and transparency, and so that you can follow my progress!  I have been sporadically reading my Bible more often, eating very mindfully and healthfully (I lost 3 pounds since returning from school), have increased my running ability from 0.5 miles without stopping to 1 mile without stopping, have been going to BodyPump 1-2 times a week, have been practicing yoga and stretching a couple times a week on my own, have been working on my Etsy store, and have read a book!
Let’s Chat!
  1. Do you ever set goals for yourself?  If so, what goal are you working towards right now?
  2. What is something you would like to do before the summer is over?

5 responses to “Summer Goals

  1. Dominique, I love your blog and all of your goal setting! I am a goal-setting kind of girl myself and this practice has served me well. Each year, around the new year, I set goals for myself for the year. Mark and I talk about what we want to accomplish and I write it all down in an journal. I check in from time to time to remind us what we set and at the end of the year we check off everything and set new goals for the new year. It’s fun, and I like to what we’ve accomplished from year to year. I also set quarterly business goals (financial and the strategies to hit the financial targets). I am the sort of person who feels like I’m not hitting my goals quickly enough, so having a written reminder of what I’ve accomplished really helps. I do that monthly for my business so I’m not so hard on myself. Since one of my big goals with working is to travel more, I now keep a travel list and work really hard to get some trips in each year. It’s challenging with our work schedules and the kids, but it is a priority. I didn’t travel enough when I was younger and freer – so I recommend you put that on your list for sure – travel as much as possible while you can! I do believe, if you write it down, it makes it happen. There’s a great book about this, which I highly recommend.

  2. I love your goals! It makes me think about what my goals are for the summer… I can’t wait for some more free time! You are inspiring me to be a better person!
    The only thing I want to do before the summer is over is complete the Within Reach series, watch all of the Chapel series and read 1-2 fictional books a month. I don’t like to run, so i can’t commit about that. 😦

  3. Great goals! I love how you not only define your goals, but also outline your PLANS to achieve these goals. I always set goals for myself. I think life is boring without them! Before the summer is over, I will go parasailing for the first time! I’m so nervous. I am going on my birthday 🙂 This is important to me because it is kind of a fear. I am such a wimp/baby when it comes to anything like this. I can’t even go on roller coasters. To do something like this will be a huge step for me.

    • I’ve parasailed before and it was so fun! It’s actually quite relaxing once you’re up there, very smooth. We went out on a choppy day, so the worst part was actually waiting in the boat, which was really rocking back and forth!

  4. those are fantastic goals! I love setting goals, too. I really think that the purpose of life is constantly working on constructing a better you. If you aren’t doing that, life feels pointless! It’s a great way to build self-esteem, too. With my students, I will always make them set goals and “game plans” If I teach them anything, I think that’s one of the most important things.
    PS – fitness goals are always good too, it keeps you from getting lazy, plus its the best motivation to reach them!

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