Reasons Why I Loved Today!

Today was a great day in Dominique-land! Here’s why…

  1. I started today with some yoga.  Nothing like some stretching to get your blood flowing in the morning!
  2. My boss bought me lunch!

    Tex-Mex Salad

    We got Tex-Mex Salads (no olives please!) from El Mariachi, a Mexican restaurant a couple miles from work.  It’s loaded with chopped lettuce (duh), chicken, cilantro, cheese, avocados, and tomatoes.  SO FILLING, I always have to leave half the chicken behind.  Work went really slow today, so it was a good midday pick-me-up for both of us in the office.

  3. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I ACTUALLY WON SOMETHING!!  One of the blogs I follow, Just Jac, ran a giveaway with her FitBloggin’ swag.  I entered, but never thought I would win!  Jaclyn said that she liked my comment so much that she had to pick two winners instead of one.  Here’s what I said:”It’s so hard to chose from all that swag, but I’d love any workout DVDs! Living as a poor college student means that when I’m at school I have to rely on home work outs instead of my beloved classes at the YMCA. A DVD would sure come in handy!  I’ve never won a giveaway before, but this is only the second I’ve ever entered! Hopefully I’ll have beginners luck!”I can’t wait to receive my DVD in the mail.  It’s like waiting for Christmas!  Thanks so much, Jaclyn!
  4. Today was Thursday, which is turning into Andy and I’s regularly scheduled date night (it’s his night off work)!  We had so much fun hanging around town and enjoying the warm but mild weather.  We went to Saxby’s for some iced coffee…

    Happy at Saxby's!

    …peeked at some books at the local bookstore, and went to one of my favorite casual Doylestown restaurants, Jules Pizza! Jules makes (delicious) thin crust pizzas, and uses mainly local, organic ingredients. They have your classic pizzas (plain, meatlovers, buffalo chicken, veggie) but also feature more unique toppings such as apples, brie cheese, butternut squash, pears, almonds, and edamame!

    Some of the Jules Line-Up

    My go-to Jules pizza is a bit boring, but it never gets old to me! I go with what I like to think of as the “adult” plain pizza, fresh mozzarella, basil and greens, organic tomato sauce, and tomatoes.  Everything always tastes so fresh.   YUMMY!

    My Favorite Jules Pizza

    Andy got the “adult” plain as well as a slice of the Buffalo Chicken, which is always his favorite. He let me have a couple bites of his, and it was delish! Usually the Buffalo Chicken pizzas I’ve tried are too greasy, but Jules’ still was loaded but light.

    Andy's Selections

    He’s such a good sport for putting up with all my photo-taking!

    THEN, we went grocery shopping and cooked up a special treat!

    More info about that will be in tomorrow’s post, for now all I’ll say is that it was surprisingly delicious!

  5. The heat FINALLY broke, so my room doesn’t feel so miserable (our upstairs air conditioning has been broken and I’ve been living/sleeping in an 85 degree room…yikes!).
Let’s Chat!

  1. What did YOU love about today?
  2. What are your favorite pizza toppings?  Are they classic or unique? 

4 responses to “Reasons Why I Loved Today!

  1. Enjoying your blog! We have a Jules nearby, I will definitely have to check it out. I’m salavating over here:) Can’t wait to sprnd quality neice/auntie time at the beach!

  2. I would love to try a piece of that cake! My favorite topping on pizza is mushrooms and veggies and I love black olives too! Looking back on yesterday, my favorite part of it was talking to God on my walk with Duke . I was remembering my wonderful Dad who died 4 years ago and thanking God for him! It was such a glorious day to be alive!

  3. I love that kind of pizza! Sounds like you had a fantastic day. You and your boy are adorable.

    What did I love about today? I visited my grandparents and we started out with a healthy salad for lunch, but ended up indulging in danish and ice cream right after!!

    My favorite pizzas are margherita and bbq chicken

  4. gosh I miss Jules….and YOU!

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