Featured Item for Sale: Falling Leaves Knit Roll-Brim Hat

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Today’s featured item from Designed by domUnique (my Etsy store) is this Falling Leaves Knit Roll-Brim Hat!

When I started this project, I knew I wanted to make a really simple, unisex hat that would be perfect for those in-between autumn days.

The wide stripe of variegated yarn was actually a spontaneous decision! I thought that the brown alone may be a little dull, and the color way of this particular yarn reminded me of the New England leaves in autumn. So beautiful! It definitely adds a pop of color to the hat, while still keeping things neutral and earthy.

I love roll-brims, because I think they look finished, yet still a little raw.

Afterwards I whipped out a more girly version, the coordinating Falling Leaves Knit Ribbed Ear-Warmin’ Headband.  That’ll be tomorrow’s featured item!

For more information, or to purchase, check out my Etsy store at www.DesignedbydomUnique.etsy.com

Happy Shopping!



2 responses to “Featured Item for Sale: Falling Leaves Knit Roll-Brim Hat

  1. The headbands are very beautiful, you must make great sales on your ebay store. 🙂

  2. yet another beautiful creation by domUnique! I love that one 🙂

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