Memorial Day in Doylestown

I DID IT TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!  What did I do?  Woke up early and ran, of course!  Not to get obnoxious, but I am so proud of myself.  Here’s what I did:  Today I was a bit short on time because it’s my little sister’s birthday and my mom was making a pancake breakfast, so instead of run/walking for 30 minutes, I just ran a mile.  Although I forgot to check the time before I left, I don’t even care how long it took me because I ran the entire time, with no breaks for walking! A couple weeks ago, when I ran a mile on this exact same path, I had to stop TWICE to walk and catch my breath.  This time, even when I got back to my house, I felt like I could have kept running, and I actually wished that I had time to keep going!  I hope that I can keep these morning runs going even on days that I work.  I suppose tomorrow will be the first test drive of that.  I’ll tell you how it goes!

When I got home, I made a berry banana smoothie with protein powder and a scoop of spinach.  It’s always a filling breakfast!  I strategically chugged it before I sat down to the pancakes and bacon, so that I wouldn’t be tempted to overeat (which is very easy to do when my mom is cooking!!).  My plan worked, and I only had room for one pancake and one piece of bacon.  Perfect!

After breakfast, my family was heading out to see the Memorial Day parade in the center of town.  Feeling ambitious, I asked my mom if she wanted to bike with me to the parade (about three miles), and she said yes!  I’m glad that she agreed to come with me, because riding on the street definitely makes me a little nervous.  The bike ride was great, except for one awful hill that almost did me in.

Biker Chicks!

Here are some highlights from the parade:


Old School Fire Engine


Cute Daisy Troop (this is for Emma)

Civil War (or was it Revolutionary?) Re-enactors

EDITED TO ADD:  I just found out that the Doylestown Memorial Day Parade is the longest running Memorial Day parade in the United States (it has been continually running for 145 years!!).  How cool is that?!

After that we biked back home and I spent the afternoon vegging out to Cake Boss.  Not a bad day at all!


Let’s Chat:

  1. Did you do anything special for Memorial Day?
  2. Are you a biker?  Do you have any tips that may make me more comfortable while street biking?

2 responses to “Memorial Day in Doylestown

  1. I want to get a bike to ride in Pittsburgh SO BAD….except its Pittsburgh so I’m a little too terrified. It’s one of my summer goals haha 🙂

  2. I remember the parade last year! lol (yay for the Daisies!)
    YAY FOR RUNNING!!!!!!! I am so gosh darn pleased and filled with glee that it’s already getting easier for you! That’s too fabulous. Way to go, you!
    Also, I talked about over-eating today on my blog! nice work 🙂

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