Designed by domUnique Etsy Store: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!


Designing and creating knit and crochet items (and occaisionally other types of crafts) has been my passion ever since my grandmother sat me on her lap at the age of five and taught me to finger knit useless, ever-growing tubes of year.  I’ve honed my skills significantly since then (or at least I’d like to hop I did!), but my attitude towards crafting remains the same:  there is nothing quite like spending time and energy creating a one of a kind item for someone that you love!

I hope that love and energy shines through my Etsy shop, where I will try to produce a wide variety of items to cater to a diverse customer base.  The items in my shop will always vary because my designs always reflect my attitudes, emotions, and tastes at the time that I crate them.

I had an Etsy store a couple of years ago, but after selling about ten items I just stopped updating it.  Unfortunately, I am running out of people to craft for (most of my friends and family are already decked out in my knit and crochet accessories), but I still can’t stop crafting!

Over the next week or so my goal is to populate my store with twelve items that I made over the winter at school.  Then, I will continue on to make more lovely items (hopefully some that are a bit more summer friendly) and keep on updating my store!

Check out my store at, and keep stopping back because I’ll be posting new items ALL WEEK!

Also, keep reading this blog for exclusive COUPONS and SPECIAL OFFERS in the future!


Let’s Chat

  1. Do you craft?  If yes, have you ever tried to sell your crafts?  Why or why not?  How did it work out for you?
  2. What do you think of my store?  Are there any items you would like to see in it (I do love custom orders 🙂 ).
I would appreciate any positive or negative feedback in the comments! 

One response to “Designed by domUnique Etsy Store: OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

  1. I am so excited! I would love to buy some of that stuff as gifts…it gets quite chilly in Vermont!

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