A Healthy Holiday Afternoon

After I got home from The 50’s Diner with my dad, I decided to get my chores out of the way.  I weeded the front beds outside (not bad because I’ve been keeping up with them) and cleaned the upstairs bathroom!  I tidied up my room too, but it’s already back to it’s slightly messy state due to some craft ventures I’ve been getting ready (stay tuned for that!).

Then, because I skipped yoga class at the Y to eat breakfast with my dad (family time is important!) I did a light half hour practice by myself that included lots of hip openers (my favorite!) and hamstring stretches (working on it…), and of course, Sun Salutes.  The air conditioning in my house is broken, so I sweat a lot more than I expected during the Sun Salutes, but that’s fine by me!  I also threw in 2 songs worth of ab work because that’s always easy and fun for me.

After my little workout I was getting hungry so I decided it was time to rustle up some lunch, when Andy called me and asked if I wanted to go get some coffee with him before he had to work!  I of course wanted to, but I thought it would be better to eat at home (for free!).  I whipped up one of my go-to lunches when we have leftover grilled chicken in the fridge…

Grilled Chicken and Spinach Whole Wheat Pita Pocket with Hummus

I was also craving some frozen yogurt, and didn’t want to be tempted to buy it in town, so I ate some Greek Yogurt while I waited for Andy to come pick me up.  It definitely satisfied the craving!


We drove into town and got some iced coffees from our go-to coffee destination, Saxby’s.  Sitting on the porch and soaking in the rays was definitely a treat; I love eating/drinking/BEING outside!  We were only there for about a half hour and I already developed some tan lines.  I wasn’t expecting that!  As you can see, I love a lot of cream in my coffee 😉

Enjoying the beautiful weather in Doylestown!

I came back home, worked a little, and then got ready for dinner.  My dad was grilling up some burgers so I asked him to throw on a Morningstar burger for me.  Actually , I asked for a Boca burger, but Morningstar was all we had!  Definitely not as good.  I find Morningstar burgers to be thinner and drier.  On the side I had a ton of green grapes, and some Baked Herr’s Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips (which I’ll be talking about in a later post, because they were fabulous!!!).

Morningstar Burger and Chips!

After dinner, my family had a “meeting” to go over what’s happening tomorrow…it’s my little sister Gigi’s 11 year old birthday party!!  My parents invited a lot of girls thinking that only half would show because of the holiday weekend, but most of them can actually make it.  Doesn’t that ALWAYS happen?  Anyways, the party is at a local park, and we had to brainstorm some games and relays for the kids to do to pass the time.  Definitely more on that tomorrow…

Finally, when the sun started to go down, I decided to go on a bike ride with my mom and my sister!  My parents got me a new bike for my birthday (which was last week), and I absolutely ADORE it.  It’s so cute!

Best Birthday Present!

I bought a bell for it the other day at Target, and my dad surprised me and put it on this morning…

New Bell!

Thanks Dad!


Let’s Chat!

  1. How is your holiday weekend so far?  Do you have any big plans?
  2. What was the best gift you recently received?
Leave your answers in the comments 🙂

3 responses to “A Healthy Holiday Afternoon

  1. I also like to stick the yogurt in the freezer for a couple of minutes to get it even more frozen yogurt-y!

  2. Golly Gee JK Rowling look at your guns!!!!! you’re looking pretty tough!
    also your bike is adorable. once i get mine fixed, we can cruise around town together!

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