Picnic Dates, Complaints, and Freebies!

Yesterday was Andy’s day off of work, and he ever so kindly used his time to drive me to work in the morning so that we could hang out afterwards.  It was going to be 84 degrees (Fahrenheit) and sunny!  Our big date plans?  Picking up hoagies from Wawa (Hoagiefest 2011!), having a picnic dinner at a local park, and then checking out Central Bucks West’s spring Choir Concert.

Ready to Go!

All I had to do was get through the workday!  I work a 9-5 office job in customer service that can sometimes be wonderful and other times be extremely frustrating and trying.  Yesterday was of the frustrating variety, so I was delighted when my boss told me to check out the cupcakes in the fridge.  What a great middle of the day pick-me-up! 😉

Chocolate with Coffee Icing, Peanut Butter Inside, and a Peanut-Butter Cup on Top!

Finally I was done with work, Andy picked me up, we got our hoagies, and set up our blanket at Peace Valley.  Picnicking is always one of my favorite date ideas, because it is cheap (you can even make your own food if you want!) and it allows you to spend time outside.

Ready to Picnic

It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, quiet and peaceful, and warm with a light breeze off the water!

Beautiful Peace Valley Park

Just as I was about to dig into my hoagie (actually, when I was taking this picture) I realized something…my hoagie wasn’t right! I had ordered a “shorti” on a wheat roll with turkey, provolone, a little bit of mayo, lettuce, onions, and tomato, but that’s not what I got! They forgot to put on the tomatoes and the onions, and everyone knows the tomatoes are the best part!

Of course I still ate it, but I was sooo bummed. I had been looking forward to this hoagie all day (a lot of my life revolves around looking forward to eating), and I hadn’t had a Wawa hoagie since last summer! The most annoying part for me was that everything else about dinner (the setting, the weather, the company 😉 ) was absolutely perfect, except my food! After complaining about it for two minutes, I declared that I was “over it” and proceeded to enjoy my “sandwich” (I refuse to call it a hoagie without the tomatoes).  The whole wheat roll (new to Wawa) was actually quite delicious and hearty!  I approve.

Hoagie Fail

That’s how I (at least try) to deal with a lot of small disappointments that I come across. I allow myself to be upset about the problem and whine about it for a short amount of time, then I just drop it and try to enjoy all the other wonderful aspects of my life. I used to be more negative person, but I began to realize that dwelling on the negative just causes me so much anxiety, and actually affects my health! The anxiety that I generate when I complain or think negatively literally makes me sick to my stomach. It’s a blessing in disguise, because it forces me to think positively.

Sometimes, however, complaining can be a good thing! Andy never hesitates to complain when he receives bad service or unsatisfactory products. Of course, he is never mean about it, and he always ends up getting more than he asked for in the first place! He was really disappointed that I wasn’t satisfied with my hoagie, so he called Wawa and told them that they messed up my order. He spoke (politely) with the manager, who took down his name and phone number, apologized, and told us that we could come in and get a replacement hoagie whenever. Score! We actually ended up going in later that night to claim it. We split it though, I promise! 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could be more assertive when I’m disappointed with service or products. After all, when I’m spending my hard-earned cash, I deserve to get what I pay for!

Overall, tomatoes or no tomatoes, it was a beautiful day to spend outside soaking up the sun and catching up with Andy before the busy weekend!


Let’s Chat!

  1. What is in your ideal hoagie?
  2. When you receive bad service or products, how do you react?  Do you just blow it off, do you politely complain, or do you explode with anger (I used to work at a restaurant, I’ve seen it happen)?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments 🙂 


10 responses to “Picnic Dates, Complaints, and Freebies!

  1. Hi Domunique!

    I’m so happy you started blogging again. I never used to comment on your old blog, but this post was just too delicious!

    MY FAVORITE HOAGIE is a bit nontraditional! I like turkey and ham and cheddar cheese whiz! It’s like a hoagie you’d get at Ginos! (with a side of onions OF COURSE!)

    what was your first date with andy?

    my favorite date is a visit to my local dog park! it’s a GREAT place to meet people! i have a “shorti” schnauzer named Nelson!

    i see your little sister walking to school sometimes! hope your whole family is doing well!

    • My first date with Andy was a trip to our local coffee shop…Saxbys. Our second date was February 13, and I made him promise he wouldn’t do anything romantic for Valentines Day because we had only been together for about a week. We went to a pizza place (Domenick’s in Plumsteadville). We keep it casual, that’s for sure! We only go on really nice dates for special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries. Whatever we do, we always have a great time!

  2. Suzanne Manlove

    Guess I need to weigh in, as this seems to be a family blog. Glad you are blogging again – looks like fun. I will be starting once soon for my business – maybe you can be my celebrity guest? Will Andy wear shorts this summer? or just skinny jeans and dark socks?

    • I would definitely be a celebrity guest on your blog if you would be one on mine! I’m thinking a post about DIY home improvements for college kids on a budget…
      I’m definitely going to blog about my house move in and decoration, that should be interesting to say the least!
      Who knows if Andy will wear shorts!! I have seen him in khaki cargo shorts about twice, and gym shorts when he’s working out, but other than that he keeps his legs under wraps. Probably for the better because he is so pale!!

  3. I live in Maryland as you know and we don’t have WAWAs, so no hoagies.
    I love grinders, and I always say ‘everything on it’. It is huge, and usually eat only half of it, and bring the other half home.
    I enjoy this blog very much. Living alone, it gives me somebody to talk too. You had a lovely date. What fun. Andy is great.
    You are very frank about your feelings and I admire that.
    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

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  5. subway is much better. love the seafood salad. I always check my bag or order before i leave because i have never gotten home and have n extra big mac or order of fries. so always check the pizza or the takeout bag before you get in the car. love your blog and proud of you. i will get you some workshops i did on emotion management that are helpful to many around the world, so i think they might help you too! lets kayak at lake galena sometime this summer.

  6. OMG i would have been so disappointed, too! it’s good you got a free one 🙂 Also, you look amazing next to that flash car. how much are the Wawa hoagies? They might become my Subway replacement, lol! Whole wheat buns excite me 😉

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