My Little Sister: A True Renaissance Woman!

My little sister, Gigi, is one of the most talented people that I am blessed to have in my life!  She is truly a renaissance woman; she does it all!  Currently, on top of being a full time fifth grader, Gigi takes dance lessons, is in her school’s musical, attends church 2 days a week, plays the cello in the school orchestra (she played the viola last year and decided to switch), plays the trumpet in the school band, and is in the school choir.  In the fall she plays field hockey, and in the winter she plays basketball.  She also is an avid crafter!  Not only does Gigi participate in all of these events, but she excels in all of them.  I don’t know what Gigi will end up doing with her life, but I’m sure she will succeed in whatever she does.  I just am so inspired that she pursues all of her varied interests so wholeheartedly!

Last night, my family attended Gigi’s elementary school’s band, choir, and orchestra concert.  Gigi was in all three ensembles!

Here she is with the orchestra:

Rockin it out on the cello

And with the choir!:

One of their songs was “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, and I’ll admit I couldn’t help but sing along.  Such a great classic!

Unfortunately the trumpets are in the back of the band, so I couldn’t get any good pictures of her tooting her horn 😉 .

Overall, the concert was quite a success.  I’m always so impressed with the kids (and the teachers) at elementary school concerts in our area.  They perform very professionally for only having played their instruments for about a year!

After the concert, my dad took us to Rita’s for some celebratory water ice (with coupons, of course!).  We had so much fun!  I love spending quality time with my family. (Nicole didn’t quite fit in this pic, sorry!)

Gigi and I outside Rita's!

Did I mention she’s quite the beauty?



8 responses to “My Little Sister: A True Renaissance Woman!

  1. Dominique:

    You let the “cat” out of the bag… everyone knows what a gem we have in GiGi.

  2. I am very proud of Gigi. I like the term renaissance woman, I have never used the term myself as I did not know what it meant, I kind of would say that Gigig is a talented energiser bunny. Praise Gigi for having the will power to achieve so many things wells. Praise mom and dad for supporting her in all her endeavors, and mom for being the driver to all of Gigi’s different activities. And praise to you, to recognise all these talents.

  3. Niquith,
    I hope Violet grows up to be just like a combination of the 3 Benzio girls. You are all so special in your own ways. Beautiful piece on your sister. xoxo

  4. That was very nice of you to write this Dominique!

  5. @Emma

    She owes me a mini-concert as well, because I also missed out on seeing the real deal. We’ll have to corroborate on scheduling it in!

  6. GiGi B is my hero. She’s looking like a teenager holy moley goodness! She’ll have to do a mini concert for me when I get home since I missed out. Also, water ice is such a classic post-concert treat! 😉 excellent post!

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